In 2017, Project Booyah developed a resilience program titled ‘RESPECT’ which is based on a positive, interpersonal and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach. RESPECT aims to enhance the resilience, self-esteem, anger regression and other key protective factors for at risk youth. RESPECT is underpinned by a strength-based approach that supports the existing strengths and abilities of the young person as opposed to focusing on and staying with the problem or concern. The program includes adventure-based learning, social and skill development training, and community intervention, to support identified disconnected young people to regain a sense of their own self-worth, build resilience and enable them to feel a connection with their local community.

The successful outcomes of the RESPECT program delivered internally to over 400 at risk youth has culminated in the program being trialled across various schools in Queensland however not within a formalised arrangement due to a lack of resourcing.

The RESPECT framework is as follows:

  • Introduction to RESPECT: (Team Building, Group Agreement, Goal Setting, Introduction to CBT)
  • Session 1: Resilience and Communication Skills
  • Session 2: Positive Social Behavior and Public Image, Conflict Management and Impulse Control
  • Session 3: Introduction to Life skills and Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Session 4: CBT 2 and Problem Solving
  • Session 5: Anger Management, Moral Reasoning
  • Session 6: Self Esteem
  • Session 7: Life skills 2 and Healthy Relationships & Domestic Violence
  • Session 8: Cyber safety and Suicide Prevention
  • Session 9: Putting it all together

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