Post program framing the future

Constant Mentor

The 16 week Project Booyah program is not the end of the young persons journey. Police officers and the Youth Support Officers remain constant mentors throughout the program, assisting the young people. Whilst graduation represents the end of the active aspect of the program, the youth support focused approach continues with Framing the Future (FTF), to support the graduates. FTF is the QPS mentoring post program initiative through a tailored case management approach to review and monitor risk and protective factors of Project Booyah graduates and diffuse benefits to other at-risk young people. 

Mentoring + Support

Framing the Future (FTF) provides post-program mentoring and support to Project Booyah graduates on a regular basis for a period of 18 months, and beyond if required, to support and participate by facilitating engagement with education and/or employment, and providing further tailored interventions. Police and Youth Support Officer mentors also work closely with the young person’s family, in recognition of the complex interplay of individual, structural and social factors that contribute to a young person’s life trajectory.

Corporate Partnership

To increase the employment, vocational and educational opportunities for Booyah participants, the police mentors and youth support officers form strong corporate partnerships, who support young people by providing work experience and ultimately, employment and training opportunities.

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