Project Booyah Program

What does Project booyah Look like?

Project Booyah provides a 16-week community inclusive police mentoring program,  incorporating adventure-based learning, leadership skills, social and skill development training, community intervention, functional literacy / numeracy support and vocational scholarships to support identified disconnected young people regain a sense of their own self-worth, build resilience and enable them to feel a connection with their local community.

Project Booyah is a partnership between the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Police Citizens Youth Club Welfare Association (PCYC), various government and business partners.

The partnership between government departments and industry leaders along with positive police mentoring provides pathways for the young person to either reconnect with school, undertake a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SAT’s), continue to study via a vocational education and training accredited course, or secure part or full-time employment.

Project Booyah selects 10-12 young people for each cohort (intake) at various locations around the State, twice a year, aligned with school semesters. Interested youth and carers are invited to attend an information session where the program is outlined, and questions answered. Referrals are accepted from government partners or directly from families that believe their loved ones require extra support to make better life choices!

Successful applicants then participate in a Goal Setting Day to begin their 16-week Project Booyah ‘journey’. The 16 weeks is broken into two school terms. Term One & Term Three involves a commitment of two days per week; where the young person completes a vocational education and training course and participates in a nationally accredited program called RESPECT, skill development training, functional literacy and numeracy education, outdoor educational activities (Rite of Passage), mentoring and intensive case management.

A leadership day, adventure-based camp, health, work readiness and a variety of motivational guest speakers add to the Project Booyah experience. 

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