Adventure based learning

What you’ll learn in ABL

As a means of encouraging and reinforcing the personal and interpersonal growth of participants during the program, Project Booyah incorporates several Adventure Based Learning (ABL) opportunities, including a 1 day & 1 night camp. ABL involves participants engaging in a variety of adventurous activities that have a reasonably high level of “perceived risk” but very low “actual risk”, such as abseiling, high ropes obstacle courses and mountain biking. 

Take Healthy risks

These activities allow the participants to challenge themselves to go beyond what they previously thought they were capable of and learn that it is often our mental narratives and self-perceptions (what’s going on in our heads) that hold us back in life, rather than our physical capacity. They also encourage participants to take healthy risks in life and to find enjoyment in physical activity and the great outdoors.

Challenge by choice

All the ABL activities are professionally planned and delivered by highly experienced and qualified staff. The ABL staff love to help redefine the perceived boundaries of the participants, but always incorporate the principles of “challenge by choice”. This means that the participants are never forced to engage in any ABL activities that they do not want to participate in. The emotional safety of participants is just as important to us as their physical safety and the last thing we want is to create a traumatic, negative experience for participants. Participants can definitely expect to be encouraged to step into their “stretch zone” however – a place where they can grow and develop safely, despite their wobbly knees from the inevitable adrenaline surge!

Even though the ABL activities are undoubtedly a challenging experience for many participants, this part of the program is always a favourite for participants and ABL days feature strongly in the reported program highlights for graduates post-program.

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