Project Booyah commenced in Ipswich in 2018. Senior Constable Andrew Treacy coordinates the Ipswich program assisted by youth support workers Tabatha Keech and Bruce Foster.

Based at the Ipswich PCYC participants attend every Monday and Wednesday over the duration of the program. We have a maximum of 10 participants in each cohort allowing Andrew, Tabatha and Bruce to provide the mentoring, encouragement and support to the participants that they individually require.

During the course of the program the participants will undertake Project Booyah’s nationally recognised RESPECT program as well as obtaining a nationally recognised certificate in hospitality. They will also gain practical experience within our mobile coffee van that attends local Ipswich events. This provides the participants with opportunities to engage with members of the public, support their local community as well as building self-confidence.

Adventure based learning provides an opportunity for participants to build confidence, increase self-esteem, promotes team work and individual leadership. Some of the activities that we undertake at Ipswich are abseiling, high ropes, kayaking, bush walking and mountain biking. At Ipswich we also undertake programs such as the Jamie Oliver cooking school, Queensland Fire and Rescue Road Accident Prevention Program, fitness and boxing classes, music therapy with a well known DJ, Australian Defence Force barrack visits plus many more. Andrew, Tabatha and Bruce have worked for many years within the Ipswich and surrounding areas and over that time have developed positive relationships with stakeholders from government, non- government and private organisations who share the same passion to provide the best opportunities for success for the young people of Ipswich.

If you would like to refer a young person to the program in Ipswich and surrounding areas, or want any more information at a local level, please click on the “REFER NOW” link on this website, and one of our Project Booyah co-ordinators will contact you. Thankyou.

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