Gold Coast

Project Booyah Gold Coast exists to provide at risk young people a Queensland Police led mentoring program with an emphasis on empowering disconnected youth to enhance their life skills to be better members of their community.

At Project Booyah we work with young people over the 16 weeks program and then maintain continual support over the next 18 months to ensure they are given the greatest opportunity to succeed.

The program provides a structured strength based program for 10 young people that incorporates RESPECT; developing vocational pathways, employability skill-sets, and adventure based activities aimed to enhance the protective factors of youth, encouraging a connection with family, community and culture.

During the program participants will get to experience, abseiling, coffee making, a 3-day camp and most importantly a safe, team centred environment for them to develop into responsible young men and women.

If you would like to refer a young person to the program in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, or want any more information at a local level, please click on the “REFER NOW” link on this website, and one of our Project Booyah co-ordinators will contact you. Thank you.

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