Social Enterprise

Zaraffa's Bean Team

Project Booyah in partnership with our major corporate sponsor Zarraffa's Coffee, are proud to announce the development of a social enterprise known as the "Booyah Bean Team". Our partner Zarraffa's Coffee have a strong corporate brand and social conscience who are committed to providing significant support to this venture.

‘Booyah Bean Team’ will operate in conjunction with our Booyah sites in South East Queensland. "Booyah Bean Team" will commence with one mobile café van kindly provided by Zarraffa's Coffee.

In addition, through the support of the Queensland Blue Light Association and Gambling Benefit Fund, two further mobile coffee vans/trailer will be added to the Booyah Bean Team fleet.

The establishment of the ‘Booyah Bean Team’ is designed to make a difference for at risk young people by providing high quality training, personal development and the necessary skill set to assist them in obtaining employment outcomes. The mobile cafes will be deployed to schools, community events and social engagements to promote the program and have young participants engage in community service roles.

All profits generated will support the Booyah program across Queensland. Young people will be supported, trained and developed through this enterprise to regain a sense of their own self-worth, build resilience and provide opportunities for them to become valued and respected members of society.

Zaraffas Bean Team Sponsors