Project Booyah Locations

State Coordination Team

  • Inspector Stephen Pyne
  • Detective Senior Sergeant Ian Frame
  • Ray Chan-Tung (State Youth Support Coordinator)

The Queensland Police Commissioner has approved a two year state-wide trial of Project Booyah that will see the program continue to grow across Queensland. Project Booyah is currently operating in Cairns, Townsville, Capalaba, Logan, Pine Rivers and on the Gold Coast. Project Booyah intends to expand to 10 sites across Queensland during the two year trial.


Townsville Project Booyah Coordinators:

  • Senior Constable Dee Prasser
  • PLO Aaron Bowman
  • PLO Courtney Hart

Community Hub:  PCYC Townsville

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast Project Booyah Coordinators:

  • Senior Constable Leanne Hay
  • Youth Support Officer Troy Jensz

Community Hub: Nerang PCYC


Capalaba Project Booyah Coordinators:

  • Senior Constable Jess Hopkin
  • Youth Support Officer Cyril Brown

Community Hub:  Redlands PCYC


Cairns Project Booyah Coordinator:

  • Senior Constable Kelly Chamberlain
  • PLO

Community Hub:  Cairns PCYC


Logan Project Booyah Coordinators:

  • Senior Constable Deb McLaughlan

Community Hub: Tudor Park PCYC

Pine Rivers

Pine Rivers Booyah Coordinators:

  • Senior Constable Lyndal Harvey
  • PLO Deb De Bree

Community Hub: Pine Rivers PCYC